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Thousands of children to ask for exam stress help

Childline says it's preparing to take more calls from stressed children ahead of exams for teenagers across the UK.

By Jamie Fletcher | Published: 12th May 2017 News Updates

Childline delivered 3,135 counselling sessions on exam stress in 2016/17, an 11% increase over the past two years, show figures released by the NSPCC service.

Over a fifth of the sessions took place in May.

Although 12-15-year-olds were most likely to be counselled about exam stress, the biggest rise was seen amongst 16-18-year-olds,

with a 21% increase compared to 2015/16. Counsellors report being consistently told about how exam stress can contribute to depression, panic attacks, and self-harming, as well as worsening pre-existing mental health conditions