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Hundreds gather in Batley to mark the birthday of murdered MP Jo Cox

People have gathered in Batley market square to remember murdered MP Jo Cox on what would have been her birthday.

By Stephanie Otty | Published: 22nd June 2016 News Updates

Batley Parish Church issued this statement ahead of the event:

On Jo Cox's birthday this Wednesday, show the world that we have far ‪#‎moreincommon‬ with each other than that which divides us.

We will gather together in Batley Market Square to celebrate Jo's warmth, love, energy, passion, flair, Yorkshire heritage, and belief in the humanity of every person in every place, from Batley and Spen to Aleppo and Darayya.

Jo believed that there is more that unites us than divides us, and she was killed for those beliefs. She believed in a love that is fierce, brave and humble. Her death has devastated a family, and attacked the ideals that we as a nation most cherish.

But we will not be divided. We will rise up together to carry Jo's message forward. We will meet hate with love.

On the day Jo would have been 42, we are asking everyone, everywhere to love like Jo loved.

Jo's legacy is a direct challenge to everyone here, to take part, speak up and be a voice for the voiceless, to treat even those we disagree with with tolerance and genuine respect.

Let's honour Jo on Wednesday by carrying forward the message that she now symbolises around the world - that we have #moreincommon than that which divides us.