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Driver jailed over crash that left two girls paralysed

A driving instructor has been convicted of causing injury by dangerous driving in connection with an accident that left two girls aged six and eight paralysed.

By Stephanie Otty | Published: 27th May 2016 News Updates

Andrew Nay, aged 39, of Harrier Close, Corby was driving a Land Rover on the A509, near Little Harrowden on Saturday, 3 October, 2015, when he collided with a Vauxhall Signum that was being driven by the father of the two girls.

Prior to the collision, Nay - who at the time was a lead driving instructor for Jaguar Land Rover, was travelling from the direction of Kettering, behind a Mazda.

Northampton Crown Court was told Nay began tailgating the Mazda, forcing the driver to overtake the car in front - a Mercedes, as the driver had become scared by the defendant’s driving.

This left the Mercedes in front of Nay, which he then began to also tailgate. Nay was seen to be laughing with his passenger moments before the crash which left sisters Katrina and Karlina Raiba, aged eight and five at the time of the crash, with life changing injuries.

As the driver of the Mercedes approached a junction on the A509, he indicated right and waited for an appropriate opening in the traffic, at which point Nay undertook the Mercedes and attempted to turn right into Hilltop and collided with the Vauxhall Signum.

Nay pleaded guilty to causing injury by dangerous driving but denied other aggravating factors preceding the crash, including tailgating and aggressive driving.

However, following a three day Newton Hearing, Judge Adrienne Lucking QC rejected his testimony and ruled that he was guilty of these actions which had culminated in the collision.

The family agreed to release dashcam footage which shows the horror of what happened in order to demonstrate the dangers of irresponsible driving:

Nay has been jailed for four and a half years.

Sergeant Tony Hopkins, from the Serious Collision Investigation Unit, said:

“This was someone who was an experienced driver, who should have been more aware of his driving yet he showed complete disregard for other drivers in what was an extended length of aggressive and intimidating driving.

Sadly, the result today will make no difference to the girls’ lives who will likely live with a life of intense disability. But we have done what we can to secure a conviction and get this man off our roads."