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Grenfell insurance claims to top 50 million

The Grenfell tower fire that killed scores of people last month could lead to gross property and liability insurance claims of 50 million pounds

By Jon Francis | Published: 7th July 2017 Business

At least 80 people are dead, or missing and presumed dead, from the blaze that gutted the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block on June 14, and the final toll may not be known until next year, British police have said.

Norway's Protector Forsikring is the insurance provider for the building's owner, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

"Gross claims all products preliminary estimated to GBP 50 million," it said as it released its second-quarter earnings.

"Figures are preliminary, uncertain and will include both property, liability and other potential related costs," it added.

The figures were preliminary and uncertain so they could change, Protector said.

The company had previously said the fire would cost property insurers more than 25 million pounds with 20 million covering the building itself and the rest going to additional expenses such as alternative housing.